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Solutions for a Modern and Secure Client Management

We offer the perfect solution for every device concept, from Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate-Owned Device (COD) to Choose Your Own Device (CYOD). Get started now: reduce your costs and manage your devices easily with modern workplace management. You benefit in the following areas:


Reduce initial costs for hardware, device engineering and deployment. Modern management strategies enable stable, secure and agile Windows 10 device deployment and support multiple device concepts (COD, CYOD, BYOD).


Our modern workplace management simplifies operational and automated processes and keeps you on top of things thanks to detailed reports.


Modern managed clients are just as safe as traditionally-managed devices – and much easier to use. Your employees can work freely while enjoying high device and user security.

Thomas Kurth


“Syntaro modules are helping us to get easy to manage, flexible, mobile and secure Windows 10 devices. With these modules we can realise our Modern Managed Client Concept.”

Overview Syntaro Platform

Community and Partner Driven

The Syntaro Marketplace can be extended with innovative and useful tools by partners. The community can send their feedback to support and keep track of the development plans.


This framework approach allows you to pick exactly the modules, you need in your environment.

Easy Billing

Enterprise aware billing options with invoices and not credit cards.


Get access to a special Marketplace where you will find Multiple Workplace Management Products. Those will support you to build and manage your Lightweight Workplace.

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