We’ve released a new version of Syntaro Portal with a few improvements behind the scenes and an exciting preview of a new product – Syntaro Otelligence Center.

Application Management

Due to the growing demand for Application Management some of you might have noticed a performance degradation during peak times in the last few weeks. This created some UI issues and in some cases even deployment issues for users and end devices. We’ve optimized a few things behind the scenes and the impact should now be greatly minimized. We’re happy about the growing demand and hope these performance improvements puts us in a better place to serve the growing customer base in the future. We’re not done yet though, we’ve even identified a few more things we will address in the upcoming release as well.

Syntaro Otelligence Center (Preview)

With Syntaro r1905 we have also put the first stone in the ground for the preview version of Syntaro Otelligence Center. Otelligence Center gives you actionable and relevant insights to Azure AD and Active Directoy as well as Intune, Asset Management and SCCM in upcoming releases. The extendable and highly flexible Plugin approach allows us tap into any system you desire – even custom applications or IoT devices are within reach if desired.

Not only does Otelligence Center support your baseline creation and governance, it also helps you staying complaint – no matter what that means to you. We like to think of it as your Operation hygiene tool of choice. It comes with easily extendable notification system based on webhooks, allowing you to auto remediate issues if necessary or simple create an incident in your service desk tool of choice. We’ll happily help you create flows which meet your business needs. Get in touch for a first view of what can be done here!

  • If you’re a CISO – we’ll surface current information about your environment.
  • For Service Owners we ensure the operation is running according to specification
  • And for all you Operational Ninjas, we’ll make certain you truly know none of your peers changed something they weren’t supposed to.

In short – we help you go to bed more relaxed and ensure you have a current view of your system configuration again next morning! Governance and hygiene go hand in hand – Otelligence Center helps you stay on top of your tasks here.

As we’d like this to be a great experience for you, we are currently looking for preview customers and we will take the first steps with you. Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you get started.


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