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Syntaro Release

Syntaro r1909 – Important Improvements

With the release of Syntaro r1909 we’ve made major improvements to the insights of the installation status of different application packages in your environment and much more. To profit from most changes you do need to update the Application Management Base Package on all your devices. If you haven’t done

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Cloud & Security – The Top 3 Shared Responsibilities

In a mobile-first environment where all things live on the Cloud, companies around the globe are getting ever closer to optimising their Security strategy. Yet, the reality is – when it comes to compliance – the job is never finished. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your relationship by

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Syntaro Release

Syntaro r1905 now in Production

We’ve released a new version of Syntaro Portal with a few improvements behind the scenes and an exciting preview of a new product – Syntaro Otelligence Center. Application Management Due to the growing demand for Application Management some of you might have noticed a performance degradation during peak times in

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Security Spring Clean – The Golden Rules

Judging by the sweet smell of BBQ’s in the park – that major IT clear out is long overdue. Protecting, preserving and optimising your data, avoiding the dreaded cyberattack…you’re doing all you can right? Check yourself, then check again. Even the basics are subject to human error. We believe in

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5 reasons to embrace the transition to Windows 10

Whether you like it or not, Windows 10 is coming. And while we’ve become accustomed to referring to it as coldly as The Stark’s winter, there’s actually a lot to be said for welcoming the upgrade with open arms. Here’s five reasons why making the shift now will have a

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One image to rule them all

Why it’s time to wave goodbye to complex imaging

Discover a new process to create Windows Imaging®Format (WIM) files that meets your company needs. The rapid pace of technological change continues to transform our working practices. And while we’re all on board with embracing the latest tools, making the shift can feel like a daunting task. If you’ve been

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