Legal Overview


On this page you will find an overview of al legal documents for Syntaro. This page is provided for your convenience as an overview of the terms and conditions that govern the purchase and use of Syntaro. Ancillary services, software, and content, may be governed by additional or different terms not listed bellow. They are split according to the Business process:

  1. Public Website (*, excluded
  2. Syntaro Portal & Marketplace
  3. Syntaro Modules (Paid and Free Versions)

These cases explained in the following sections.

Company Details

Unterführungsstrasse 25
4600 Olten


Company Number: CHE-314.639.523
Swiss Tax Number: CHE-314.639.523 MwSt

Authorized Representatives

Thomas Kurth
Jürg Koller
Daniel Bühlmann
Pascal Berger
Mirko Colemberg

Public Website (*, excluded

These documents apply to all users and visitors which access or

Syntaro Portal & Marketplace

Offer Details

Pricing and offer details for a Syntaro offer you choose are detailed in the Marketplace.

Syntaro Modules (Paid and Free Versions)

Each Module can have separate terms and conditions, because the modules have different providers. In this section, you will see an overview about it.

ModuleOwner Legal Documents
App ManagementbaseVISION AG
WimAsAServicebaseVISION AG
Advanced AutopilotbaseVISION AG