Active User Setup

Applications sometimes need user settings in the current user registry or file changes in the user profile. Most package engineers we know of use Active Setup to achieve this when the package is not MSI based or some special actions has to be executed in user context. There is however some issues: Active Setup is not supported for public use and it has usage issues. The biggest issue is that Active Setup doesn’t work with in-place upgrades. To improve this situation we created the free “Active User Setup”, an alternative that will still work after an in-place upgrade to Windows 10.

Issues when using built-in Active Setup

Windows 10 Servicing Model

Active Setup entries are not migrated during an inplace upgrade of Windows 10 to the next feature release.


Active Setup is not a public available functionality and is not supported for use by other components than the operating system.



Built on supported features of Windows 10

Open Source

The Solution is Open Source and you can work with us on improvements.

Tested on Windows 10

Works after an inplace upgrade – built specifically for this scenario

Additional Features to Active Setup

Logging of actions, Versioning of the actions, Success Exit Code definition, Synchronous or Async Mode



Active User Setup MSI (Ready to use)


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