Application Management

Syntaro Application Management is a private PowerShell Package Repository, which is fully cloud based. This Package Provider can deploy simple PowerShell Scripts, MSI files, EXE files and much more.

Additionally the Syntaro Application Management solution provides an engine on devices which will handle the installations, updates and uninstallations. This engine is not an agent or a windows service. The process will only start, when the MDM System has installation/uninstallation tasks. It is also compatible with other PowerShell Package Providers. This will allow you to use their big repositories and therefore lower your packaging costs.

Deployment Issues with Intune

FileType Limitations

Microsoft Intune has limitations for application deployments. Only MSI files can be distributed and installed on Windows 10 MDM managed devices.

Only Single Files

Only a single file can be distributed with Microsoft Intune. This prohibits the deployment of complex applications packages.

Internet Bandwidth

During application deployment data volume that is transported via Internet is very high and might break the Internet connection.

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Multi-file installation packages are supported. All executable files and setup types are supported.


Local caching functions relieve the Internet connection.



Integration of standard OpenSource and Freeware Apps are possible without package effort.


The packages can be installed via PowerShell Package Provider without Intune or other deployment solutions.

Technical Specifications

PowerShell Package Provider

• Allows Deployment of MSI, EXE, PowerShell-Script or any other executable Program

• Automatically updating Apps

• Secure Azure based Storage of your custom Packages

• Packages can contain hundreds of files

• PackageProvider can be used with or without Intune

• Support for Local Caching Solutions

• Agentless, without permanently running processes

• Traffic HTTPS encrypted


Built-In PowerShell Functions

• Install and Uninstall MSI with specific Parameters for example Logging

• Unzip ZIP Files

• Write Registry Keys

• Detect Installed Applications

• List can be extended by the customer


• Deployment Statistics

• Package Management and Version History

• Easy to use UI

• Licensemanagement



1,10 CHF/Month and per Device (excl. Taxes)
Module Application Management Month
  • incl. 1 GB traffic per month
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12 CHF/Year and per Device (excl. Taxes)
Module Application Management Year
  • incl. 1 GB traffic per month
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Solution with Application Management

With SYNTARO Application Management you get a reliable solution to distribute applications to your devices. The module can be adopted independently of the deployment system and allows a worldwide and secure distribution of applications over the Internet.



  1. Intune Company Portal: The Company Portal allows the User to request Apps like in a Store. The Intune Administrator defines which Apps are available for the User.
  2. Azure Intune Portal: The Administrator can manage the available apps or define required deployments for the Users.
  3. Syntaro Application Management: Local tasks are handling the Installation of Apps. It also updates every App to the latest Version in the repository. The Tasks are only executed on request by the task Scheduler or through the MDM.
  4. Syntaro Portal: The Syntaro Portal allows the Administrator to manage the Applications in the private repository. An Azure like UI help the Admins to manage it easily.
  5. Free Package Provider Repositories: In the repositories are all files and metadata needed in the Packages. They contain open source and Freeware Apps.
  6. Syntaro Package Provider Repositories: In the repositories are all files and metadata needed in the Packages. They contain private Applications which can contain product keys.
  7. Supported Setup Types: The package Providers Support multiple files per Package and various types like MSI, EXE or ps1. The downloads can be cached with a local cache Server which is self managed.
  8. Syntaro Package Provider: The Syntaro Package Provider will handle download, Installation and uninstallation processes. It can also be used from other Scrips on the System.
  9. Free Package Provider: Free PowerShell Package Providers like RuckZuck Tools help to lower the operational costs. These repositories have most of the Middleware and OpenSource Applications in it.



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