Enrollment App

The Enrollment App can be used for Configuration steps, which should be done by the End-user. The user will be guided through all steps, which can require administrator rights. The user can only continue to the next step, when a step is correctly solved. The Enrollment App is often used in combination with Windows AutoPilot or Provisioning Packages, which allow some basic configuration settings.

Issues when using User-based Device Provisioning

MDM Enrollment

When using Domain Join in combination with Azure AD Device Registration the MDM Enrollment will not be done automatically.


Windows AutoPilot and Provisioning Packages have a lot of limitations and only allow some basic predefined wizard steps.

Company Requirements

Companies often have some specific configurations which have to be done on a computer by the End-user, but with no possibility to enforce them.


MDM Enrollment

The Enrollment App will guide the user through the MDM Enrollment steps.


You can define any configuration steps with a Check and a Remediate PowerShell Script. Allows User-driven configuration of OneDrive, BitLocker, MDM Enrollment or other actions.

Touch friendly

The App is touch friendly and supports various screen sizes inclusive tablets.

End-user Driven

The Enrollment App improves the handling for End-users.



0.50 CHF Devices (excl. Taxes)
Enrollment App
  • This service is paid annualy in advance. The subscription extends automatically, if it is not resigned three months before.
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