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Otelligence  gives actionable insights into your systems hygiene and compliance status. Otelligence is here to help you move your systems into a compliant state and keep your environment compliant with enterprise rules and regulations. Baselines provided by industry experts and modified to your desired state are used to create actionable notifications. These can easily extend to autoremediate discovered anomalies. All this to ensure a higher uptime and provide the best possible SLAs for your end-users.  An ever growing set of Plugins ensure you get a comprehensive view of all relevant system states.

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Operational Challenges

Undocumented Changes

With many people working in operations, changes might occur without your knowledge ultimately endangering your SLAs.  Additionally events in the past are hard to detect during troubleshooting.

Unknown System State

Unknown and undocumented configurations endanger the security and stability of your environments. Vendors add configuration items with updates, do your baselines as well?

Assumptions and Bad Data

Operational and support staff lose time assuming a system is in a previously defined and documented state and lacking insights to current state of all systems.


State and Documentation

Display and export current and historical state of your systems and baselines


Receive relevant and actionable notifications in an open and extendable json-format sent to a web-hook

Discover Anomalies

Quickly discover anomalies and deviations from baselines in your system environment

View History

Keep records up till 10 years of your system changes, or roll-over every 14 days as desired


Otelligence Plugins


Intune manages mobile devices such as iOS and Android as well as Windows 10 devices. But who manages Intune? Do you know if the settings you push down on your corporate devices are inline with latest recommendations by industry experts? Are you sure noone is changing them and putting your users at risk? Otelligence helps you ensure your mobile workforce stays secure and help keep them connected with your enviroment and their data!

Active Directory

Keep track of your most important assets; your user identities and associated privileges. Otelligence surfaces information to ensure you follow the latest vendor and industry expert advice on how to configure and stay in a healthy state with your Active Directory. Are you certain all your AD servers are at the same functional level? Do you know how many of your users have expired passwords? What are your Windows Defender baseline settings? What computers have expired accounts associated with them?

Azure AD

Azure AD comes with new capabilities. With new capabilities come new risks. What’s great about Azure AD hence equates to new topics you need stay on top of. Do you know which partner accounts you have you configured in your domain to allow access to shared data? Do you keep track of which applications you’ve setup with OAuth2 permissions. Oteliigence will help you keep track of this and much more.

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