WimAsAService is an innovative online service developed by baseVISION AG. This service allows you to configure WIM (Windows® Imaging Format) files according to your personal requirements. The WIM files are generated on baseVISION infrastructure. After generating an image, you can download your own WIM file directly with your web browser. A detailed documentation for each Image is included. This enables you to compare different Image versions very easy.

Issues when creating a WIM with Config Manager


Knowing what is inside your Image and what is not, isn’t possible out of the box. Documenting your Image takes a lot of time. Comparing two Images against each other can’t be done.


Creating and maintaining a new Capture Task Sequence in Config Manager or building your own MDT Infrastructure is time consuming. Keeping up-to-date in techniques and best practices is a never ending task.


With Config Manager, some updates may be missing. Not all applications can be installed as a system. Remains of Config Manager Agent and its pre requirements are left in your Image.

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Save money & time

You save Money and time because you don’t need to build and maintain your own infrastructure.


With each WIM file you receive a detailed documentation, which Shows you the Content of this Image. This documentation can be used to compare two image versions and see the differences in a few seconds.


Your Image is always installed the same highly automated way. In the background, we use technologies recommended by the world’s most respected deployment specialists (MDT, PowerShell, etc.).


You can create custom-configured WIM files in a simple manner which perfectly fits to your requirement.


"WimAsAService has allowed ECNO's Shared Technical Services team to accelerate the implementation of Windows 10 as the base operating system for all of its member boards, freeing up IT resources and time to dedicate to other projects and issues."
Jason BarkerTechnical Analyst, Educational Computing Network of Ontario, Shared Technical Services

Technical Specifications

Supported Systems

Windows® 10 Windows® 8.1 Windows® 7
Windows® Server 2016 Windows® Server 2012 R2 Windows® Server 2008 R2
  Installation of custom applications YES YES YES
  Installation of Language Packs YES YES YES
  Installation of Windows® Features YES YES YES
  Uninstall of Windows® Features YES YES YES
  Exclude specific Windows® Updates YES YES YES
  Execute custom PowerShell™ Scripts YES YES YES
  Uninstall of Metro Apps YES YES  NO
  Apply Provisioning Package YES  NO  NO


The WIM files can be used by many applications:

• Microsoft System Center ConfigManager

• convert WIM to a VHD and use it withHyper-V or Virtual Machine Manager

• VDI enviornment

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3000 CHF 1 Image Type (excl. Taxes)
WimAsAService (1 Image)
  • This service is paid annualy in advance. The subscription extends automatically, if it is not resigned three months before.
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4000 CHF 2 Image Types (excl. Taxes)
WimAsAService (2 Images)
  • This service is paid annualy in advance. The subscription extends automatically, if it is not resigned three months before.
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Solution with WimAsAService

It has never been easier to embarrass WIM files, as with WimAsAService. The unique Service to generate your WIM files.


  1. Login: The User has either a User or an Admin Roll and logs in to our Portal.
  2. Your Settings: You can upload your personal Applications, Scripts, an PPKG Files or use things already provided by us.
  3. Image Types: Choose the Operating System, Applications, Language Packs, Modern Apps, Updates, Features and Settings your Image should contain and save it as an Image Type.
  4. Generation: Start the generation of your Image Type. Either manually or scheduled once a month. Your Image then gets generate in our “Factory”.
  5. Notification: You will get an E-Mail at the beginning of your generation process and another E-Mail when it is finished.
  6. Download: Now you can easily download your personal Image and it’s Documentation from our Portal.

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