Overview of our modules

WimAsAService is an innovative online Service which allows you to configure WIM (Windows® Imaging Format) files according to your personal requirements. The WIM files are then generated on our infrastructure. After generating such an image, you can download your own WIM file directly through your web browser. 

You have no longer restrictions for single MSI files when distributing software (Intune customers’ pain number one!). This module allows you to distribute your Apps easily on all your devices. It enables a worldwide and secure distribution of all Apps over the Internet.

With MAVIQ you get cloud-based alerting notification for Windows Defender. All relevant information is displayed in a clear dashboard and alerts are sent to IT administrators in real time. So nothing stands in the way of using Microsoft’s Windows Defender!

We all know, that sometimes applications need user settings in the current user registry or file changes in the user profile. Most of the Package Engineers we know use Active Setup, when the package was not MSI based or some special things had to be executed. Now the main issue is, that Active Setup entries are not migrated during an upgrade of Windows 10 and is not a supported functionality for public use. Therefore, we created a free solution which will solve the problem for you.

Group Policy to MSI enables an administrator to deploy the same policies to Intune managed Devices as he can use with Active Directory. The easy to use wizard allows to convert a Group Policy Object (GPO) or a local Group Policy to an MSI file, which can be deployed to Intune managed clients.

Advanced Autopilot can be used for configuration processes requiring end user input and for the application of temporary administrator rights; it guides the user through the necessary steps. User entry verification is possible throughout the entire process: a user can only continue to the next step when the current step has been correctly completed. The Advanced Autopilot is often used in combination with Windows AutoPilot or provisioning packages, which provide basic configuration settings.