Advanced AutoPilot

Advanced Autopilot can be used for configuration processes requiring end user input and for the application of temporary administrator rights; it guides the user through the necessary steps. User entry verification is possible throughout the entire process: a user can only continue to the next step when the current step has been correctly completed. The Advanced Autopilot is often used in combination with Windows AutoPilot or provisioning packages, which provide basic configuration settings.

Issues when using User-based Device Provisioning

MDM Enrollment

MDM enrollment does not occur automatically when using Domain Join in combination with Azure AD device registration.


Windows AutoPilot and provisioning packages have many limitations and only allow basic predefined wizard steps.

Company Requirements

Companies are often unable to enforce specific configurations which require user input.

Get access and view Advanced AutoPilot in action


MDM Enrollment
Advanced AutoPilot guides the user through the MDM enrollment steps.
You can define verification processes and PowerShell remediation scripts for each configuration step. Advanced AutoPilot allows user-driven configuration of OneDrive, BitLocker, MDM, etc. 
Touch input
Advanced AutoPilot supports touch input across various screen sizes, including tablets.
End User Driven
Advanced AutoPilot improves enrollment processes for end users.



Advanced AutoPilot

CHF 0.50 /device (excl. Taxes)
  • This service is paid annualy in advance. The subscription extends automatically, if it is not resigned three months before.

These prices don’t include a SLA or support hours for problems and setup. SLA and support hours can be purchased separately.

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