Group Policy to MSI allows an administrator to deploy the same policies to Intune managed devices as he can use with Active Directory. The easy to use wizard allows to convert a Group Policy Object (GPO) or a local Group Policy to an MSI file, which can be deployed to Intune managed clients. This will simplify the modern management of devices with different managements Systems.

Issues when using Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA-DM) and GPO's

Uncontrolled growth

If you use different systems to manage policies you will always have some differences in the policy set. This difference will grow over time and makes management difficult.


If you manage your System in Active Directory with Group Policies, there are a lot of policies available. But as soon as you switch to modern device management with MDM/ OMA- DM policies you will have much less options than before.

Get access and view GPO to MSI in action


Use the full power of Group Policies on MDM managed Windows 10 devices.
Enforce the policies to all your Systems.
Use same policies for all Systems with an easy to use wizard.


Group Policy to MSI

  • Available to the Modern Workplace Community on GitHub

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