Windows Defender is an integral part of Windows 10 and has become more powerful with every update in recent years. The free antivirus solution from Microsoft can be easily activated and reliably protects your workplace. The only disadvantages of this security feature are the missing alarm options and no detailed notifications and reports. This fact was the main reason for many companies and schools to do without this free and easy to implement Microsoft solution. Cost-intensive antivirus products from other manufacturers were therefore installed. Netree has closed these gaps in the Microsoft solution Windows Defender with the development of MAVIQ. Your IT administrators now receive real-time cloud-based alerts and notifications for Windows Defender. Displayed in a clear dashboard. This means that the free antivirus program from Microsoft can now be used optimally and you will receive detailed inventory informations of your hardware and software as well. 


Independent of application location – flexible and diversified areas of application.
Real time
Safety-relevant information is transmitted in real time.
Access to the most important information for the protection of end devices at any time.
Real time alerts and notifications displayed in a clear dashboard.

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MAVIQ (Monthly)

CHF 1.00 per month and device (excl. taxes)
  • Available immediately
  • Minimum 50 devices

MAVIQ (Annual)

CHF 12.00 per year and device (excl. taxes)
  • 20% discount for schools
  • Minimum 10 devices

These prices don’t include a SLA or support hours for problems and setup. SLA and support hours can be purchased separately.

Solution with MAVIQ

The simple and centralised MAVIQ software solution meets the challenges of modern workplace management. Windows Defender ensures sophisticated protection for different types of Windows workstations. As a first solution, MAVIQ provides an optimised and centralised secure portal for Windows Defender as well as a comprehensive hardware and software inventory.

Windows Defender alerts and notifications are sent to IT managers in real time as required in order to ensure that workstations are adequately protected at all times.

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Netree provides customers with high-quality, as desired IT services and products for infrastructure management, as well as sophisticated, intelligent cloud solutions. With Netree software products, you get efficient tools for the corporate, education and public sectors that will save ICT administrators time and makes high quality performance easier.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Required software / features

  • Windows Client
  • Windows Server
  • Windows Management Framework


  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2016
  • 5.0


  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2016
  • 5.1

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