Be a Partner

The Syntaro platform is provided by baseVISON AG. We and our partners develop modern workplace management modules and distribute them to our customers through the Syntaro marketplace.
Your support allows us to continually expand the range of modules available via Syntaro.

If you have suggestions for new module solutions, please get in touch with us!

We’re more than happy to work with new implementation partners for existing modules as well.

Our Partners

Benefits for Partners


Administrators, IT companies, developers and users meet here to brainstorm new solutions to existing issues. Use the community’s network to access the knowledge and solutions your customers need!


Your solutions should be rewarded, which is why we offer special incentives and kickback models for both development and implementation partners. Contact us for more details and we will show you how your business can benefit from joining Syntaro.


The Syntaro marketplace offers a growing number of modules and solutions for you and your customers. If you can’t find what you need, develop it yourself or ask the community for help – a partner might already have a solution in mind!

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