Be a Partner

SYNTARO platform is made by baseVISON AG.

We and our Partner will develop new modules and provide them at SYNTARO Marketplace to our customers.

With your support as a Partner the range of modules on SYNTARO will be constantly expanded in the future.

If you  have suggestions for new module solutions, please contact us!

Be a part of a community for Lightweight Workplace Management and this special Marketplace!


Our Partner

Benefits for Partner


Administrators, IT Companies, Developer and User will meet and brainstorm here to find new Solutions. Utilize the Network effect of this community and get the knowledge of your customers needs!


Of course we have special incentives & kick back models for developement and implementation Partner. Contact us for detailed Informations and we will show you how your business can benefit with SYNTARO.


On SYNTARO Marketplace you will find more and more usefull Apps and Solutions for you and your customers. If you miss a special App, develope it or share your need with the community. Perhaps another Partner has the same need and will develope it!

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