Case Studies

To gather experience with Windows 10 as early as possible and to bring this up to the customer in a timely manner, the decision was made to redesign the entire workplace architecture on the basis of Windows 10 and Office 2016. The design of the modern workplace will be module-based, so that it can be flexibly adapted for customer requirements. A key component of the design was to increase the basic security even further. In addition, interfaces have been created to meet additional security requirements and to prepare the future workplace for the cloud services. Also, the operational costs should be reduced by automation for individual recurring tasks.

Daniel Fritz,
Head of Enduser Services at Avectris

ECNO´s issues creating WIM files are not new. This is where baseVISION comes into play. Especially for these problems baseVISION developed an innovative online service that allows customers to configure WIM files according to their requirements. When Jason Baker, Analyst at ECNO, discovered WimAsAService via Twitter he watched the video on baseVISION’s website and browsed all the documentations and screenshots. He was overwhelmed and had not seen a service like this before. After all of his research there was no other product like WimAsAService available.

Jason Barker, Analyst,
Educational Computing Network of
Ontario, Shared Technology Services

Before Unico began generating its WIM files using Syntaro WimAsAService, images for older operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 were generated using a proprietary MDT  infrastructure. The main problem with generating WIM files in this way was the high number of Windows updates required. When combined with frequent changes in the field of image generation and the associated ongoing  development of expertise, this strategy demanded too high a proportion of Unico’s resources.

Stefan Beckmann, Head of Technical
Management, Unico Data AG