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Add drivers to the ISO’s WinPE

I just thought of another topic that we could possibly use once.
Namely, that you can add drivers, e.g. storage drivers, to the WinPE.

For example, we once had the case that colleagues in the Netherlands had bought Lenovo Thinkbooks 15 G2,
but the Windows installation was not possible because the hard disk was not recognized.

We therefore had to import the Intel Rapid Storage drivers into the WinPE.
Only then was the installation of Windows possible.

Maybe such a feature can be included for future updates


always ask for a build number

Please change the Script “AutoImportBaseWIM.ps1” so that it always ask for a build number. Otherwhise this leads to problems while adding 20h2 to infrastructure where 2004 is not aviable.
Thank you


New Metro Apps Design no clear

The new Metro Apps Design is a bit confusing. It’s could be interpreted so that the ones selected (the ones on the left) are the ones to stay.
Pleas make the Wording clearer what is what, perhaps like this:
Available(Keep) Selected (Remove)

Update the ToolTip with a Warning:
We don’t recommend uninstalling to many Metro Apps. This could lead to unwanted complications. That ones on that get selected are the ones that will be uninstalled.