We ended 2018 with a new Syntaro release (r.1811) which contains plenty of small fine tuning that will hopefully make life easier for you. This release is already in production and the features ready to use.

Find stuff faster!

We have made improvements to the menu structure in both the marketplace and the modules. Amongst other things, it’s now easier to find the permission settings for your tenant. We’re definitely interested in your feedback here on these UI improvements.

Better Device Handling in Application Management

You can now manually delete devices from your device list (Devices) and set an expiry period for devices to get automatically removed from the list. This would ensure decommissioned or restaged devices don’t impact your quotas. A device which has not contacted Syntaro in x days will be removed from the list (x is any number of days > 30 as this is the shortest period you can create a subscription for).


Make use of your data!

We’ve added an OData API, which allows you to access your Syntaro data. This interface can be used by for integration in any applications or dashboards you might desire.

You’ll find your API keys in the marketplace, where you also have the ability to reset it. This API key will give you access to the tenant data.

You can find a documentation here: https://wiki.syntaro.com/index.php?title=OData_API

WimAsAService and Application Management SLAs – NOW available!

Syntaro was missing easy support options for customers and we at baseVISION were handling support requests on a best effort basis. We now have added an SLA to give you, our customers a guaranteed response time option (within 24h).

This also allows us to handle none product related support such as detection scripts in Application Management or WimAsAService image failures due to faulty scripts or any other things beyond the control of the product team. No further contracts would now be needed to deliver such add-on services to you.

It’s been an existing year 2018 and we have even bigger plans for 2019! We’ll keep you posted here and on our regular channels.
If you have inputs on product improvements – don’t forget to fill out our Uservoice: www.syntaro.com/uservoice

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